Canadian Action Party Policies

The Canadian Action Party has a strong foundation of policies that are based on what you have told us is important to you.


Economic and Financing Reform

  • Reinstate the Canadian Treasury and the Bank of Canada as the financiers of Canada’s needs.
  • Pay down both the interest and the National Debt to foreign and domestic bankers and investors.
  • Increase corporate profit tax so that they pay their fair share of Canada’s income again. This would allow us to eventually eliminate personal income tax.
  • Reduce our contribution to the UN and NATO for warlike purposes. At the same time, be willing to increase humanitarian aid to those countries in need.
  • All companies wishing to do business in Canada must have a Canadian bank  from which to pay any profit or pollution taxes.
  • Establish a Small Business and Cooperative Development, as a division of the BDC (a crown corporation). This way, operating capital goes directly into action at ground level.

Parliamentary reform

  • Ensure that all MPs have the right to vote for their constituency rather their party’s’ dictates.
  • Alter the makeup of committees in both the HOC and Senate so that the opposition has the majority in all committees in order that amendments can be made to bad legislation.
  • Give the Speakers of both Houses more power to eliminate lying, false accusations and electioneering from the floors of both Houses and to restore civility to the proceedings in both Houses.
  • Give MPs more access to redress in the case of false accusations.
  • Outlaw non answers during Question Period returning to the rules set out in O’Brien and Bosch and return to truth and transparency; making the Ministers (or their under secretaries in case of the Minister’s absence from the House) responsible for their departments and answering those questions directed to them. This should include the PM.

Health Care

  • Increase the provincial grants for health care to enable the Provinces to really care for the sick, with sufficient hospitals, doctors and nurses.
  • Increase grants and support to veterans suffering from armed conflict damage both mental and physical.
  • Ensure that all First Nations, Inuit and Metis have first class health care.
  • Ensure that all residents of Canada have access to timely health care.


  • Repeal the Fair Elections Act immediately and replace it with a real, fair and transparent law.
  • Reinstate Elections Canada to their rightful power to run elections and ensure them the legal means to investigate wrong doing and eliminate election fraud and cheating.
  • Re instate the Rule of Law instead of rule by regulation.
  • Eliminate Ministerial review panels allowing every citizen to appeal to the courts in case of dispute.
  • Legalise the use and possession of marijuana, including it into liquor and tobacco laws.
  • Ensure that freedom of speech and the right to vote is granted to all.


  • Replace the TWFG program with temporary work visas which do not automatically grant citizenship and which expire and are only renewable upon re application by the workers.
  • Make it easier for families to be united quickly when immigrants have established themselves.
  • More open access to Canada for refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Speed up the process, but maintain restrictions of those with criminal records.

Foreign Policy

  • Re-establish the concept of diplomacy with all countries.
  • Support peaceful negations and be very reluctant to support wars.
  • Approach all countries as equals and support all legitimate entrants to the UN and its humanitarian policies.
  • Support the Palestinians right to statehood and full membership of the UN
  • Actually support civil rights in all countries instead of simply mouthing the words.
  • Re-establish our embassies as connections with Canada and re open those closed for political reasons.


  • Remove the Trade portfolio from Foreign Affairs.
  • Review all trade deals to make them actual trade deals.
  • Eliminate or rescind all trade deals that contain an investor state profit clause and re negotiate on the basis of trade.
  • Assist all exporters in their efforts to export, and encourage and sponsor trade delegations in the Chretien style.

Aboriginal Affairs

  • Up hold all treaties made with all Aboriginal peoples.
  • Endeavour to make all Aboriginal peoples feel as though they are equals and belong here – which they do.
  • Support education both during school years and afterwards at University and or community colleges.
  • Abide by the concept that all Aboriginal peoples have the right to safeguard their territories against predatory industrialisation and the right to veto projects that will endanger their ways and quality of life.
  • Establish a working arrangement with all reserves to ensure that all reserves have clean potable water and safe and efficient water and sewer systems.

Regulatory Agencies

  • Re establish the Environmental protection, the Navigable waters act and make the environmental reviews by both the federal government, Provincial governments and Aboriginal Peoples to have equal veto rights.
  • Make the laws clearer so that regulations can be minimised and more clearly understood by both the Canadian people and corporations
  • Increase the power of such agencies as the CRTC to ensure that the people of Canada are not jeopardised or overcharged and broadcaster, telephone, internet providers and media are open and transparent


  • Instigate a stringent but fair “polluter pay” policy, without buy/trade features to offset bad practices.
  • Ensure environmentally sound practices of resource extraction.
  • Encourage and support all renewable forms of energy.
  • Protect arable lands from predatory destruction.
  • The process of fracking must be stopped as it is destroying our water tables all over North America, and water is much too precious a commodity to allow such a process to contaminate it.


  • Increase public transport across Canada, including ensuring that both CP and CN serve the people of Canada according to their rights to operate.
  • Ensure that all railway beds are safe for the increased weight that the trains are now carrying.
  • Increase grants to and partner with the Provinces and municipalities for public transportation in the form of extra buses and light rail.

Agriculture, Aquaculture, and In-Ground Resources

  • GMO products have not been proved to be either nutritious or 100% safe for consumption, particularly by our young. All GMO crops should be phased out as soon as possible and any products still remaining should be very clearly labelled as containing GMOs. Round Up as a derivative of Agent Orange should be disallowed immediately.
  • Grain Farmers in the prairies should be offered a referendum on having a Canadian Wheat/Grain Board modelled on that which has recently been dismantled, or some variation of same.
  • Fish farms must be much more tightly regulated by DFO to ensure no possible harm to the migrating wild salmon, and should if necessary be moved inland or closed down on the side of safety for aquatic life. Whales, seals, sea lions and native fishers etc…
  • Establish an Agriculture development bank, as part of the BDC for the rebuilding of the small farming business and the processing of agriculture products.


  • Gun ownership restricted to need and for sporting activities along with a certificate of competence and the lack of a criminal record.
  • Return the RCMP to serve and protect mode and encourage Provinces to follow suit with their police departments.
  • We must no longer support our mining sector by bribing foreign governments to bend or make new rules to allow our mines overseas to destroy the environment, livelihood and health of local inhabitants.