Environment Policy


Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned
and the last fish has been caught
will we realize that we can’t eat money

Native American Proverb


The Canadian Action Party will ensure our Environment Policy as listed below.

Environment Policy

  1. Reinstate Environmental protection laws that have been repealed or watered down such as the Navigable Waters Act.
  2. Reinstate Scientific research funding.
  3. Reinstate government railway safety inspectors and employment requirements.
  4. Increase government Food Safety inspectors.
  5. Monitor ocean radiation and pollution.
  6. Institute a Nation Energy program and encourage the oil industry to build refineries in Canada creating jobs and preventing oil spills. Refuse export permits for raw product.
  7. Ban the fracking process for oil and gas unless it can be scientifically proved that the surrounding water tables will not be made toxic.
  8. Legislate Fish Farms to be only positioned inland.
  9. Packaging Industry regulations to reduce pollution.
  10. Landfill recycling goal of 90% or more.
  11. Limit pesticides and herbicides to protect essential insects such as bees.
  12. Institute a ban on fluoride being added to municipal water supply.
  13. A complete government study on Genetically Modified Organisms to determine value of nutritional content and/or toxicity and mandatory labeling of all products containing GMO ingredients.

All the money in the world will be of no use to us if we do not have our health. That is why our environment is so important. CAP’s decisions will take into account the environmental protection of the air, water and land and all the species that live in Canada.  We will work towards the elimination of burning fossil fuels; support a Green Economy of Solar, Wind and Tide Power, and work towards developing other Earth friendly systems. The Canadian Action Party will continually monitor all aspects of the environment and re-instate or introduce, and enforce stand-alone environmental protection laws. We will work with all countries towards a common goal.