About the Canadian Action Party



Prosperity with a healthy environment is absolutely possible in Canada

“What is physically possible, desirable and morally right, we can make it financially possible through the Bank of Canada.”

The Canadian Action Party has since its inception in 1997 been a strong advocate of returning to the use of the Bank of Canada which is owned by the Canadian People. Canadians need to end this horrendous increase of government created debt which has escalated to over $1 trillion since 1974. The only way out is the mandated use of the Bank of Canada.


The Canadian Action Party  has a foundation of 5 strong pillars including the above use of the Bank of Canada.

Our environment is vitally important to the health of not only ourselves, but all other life. When we look after our ecosystems, our wind, water, air, and soil is clean, creating a supportive environment in which we can live. The environment is far more important to us than corporate profits.

Democracy is not just about voting every four years. It’s about letting Canadians have a say in what their government does at all times. We believe that democracy in Canada can be ensured by allowing a citizen based recall process. This way MPs must be accountable to their constituents.

Civil Rights and the Constitution of Canada
We believe in the rights of all people living in Canada, be they First Nations, Métis, Inuit, or immigrants. Canadians must have the right to free speech, and an equal opportunity to earn a livelihood and buying a home. All Canadians need clean air, water and food as well as no taxation without representation.

Sovereignty requires that we do not allow multinational corporations and world bankers to dictate how we run our country. We must be fully in charge of our economy and social fabric. All decisions must be for the benefit of all Canadians.

We invite you to take the time to get to know us, ask questions, join us, and make suggestions. After all, we are a party of Canadians working together for our nation.