Bank of Canada – COMER Court case

The COMER court case has been dismissed at the Federal Court of Appeal, Toronto, leaving the Supreme Court as COMER’s last option. With this in mind, it is more important than ever to consider joining a political party, like the Canadian Action Party. Politically, we can do much more to begin utilizing the Bank of Canada as it was originally intended.

More updates to come…

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COMER Court Case update:

Next court appearance on Wednesday, December 7, 2016, the Committee On Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) appeal to the outcome of the last court hearing will be heard at the Federal Court of Appeal, 180 Queen Street West, Toronto.

This hearing for the COMER Case will be held at the same Federal Court Building as the previous four (4) hearings.

180 Queen St. West, is on the north side of the street, just west of University Avenue, in Toronto.

COMER’s lawyer, constitutional expert Rocco Galati, strongly recommends that we be there by 9:00 AM to avoid entering late and annoying the three (3) Federal Appeal Court Justices.

The Hearing will start promptly at 9:30 AM and may continue throughout the day.

For Your Information  –  The proceedings to date for this Action began on December 12, 2011Recorded entries for the Federal Court file Number T-2010-11

Recorded entries for the Federal Court of Appeal, file Numbers A-228-14 and A-76-16 

Search the Federal Court files at:

Paying our way:  As we approach the last stretch of this long and very expensive, historic, legal struggle, the COMER Court Case grows ever more dependent on donations from supporters.

Remember, the Feds have very deep pockets – filled with your tax dollars.  In a very real sense, this is a siege, a legal war of attrition – and the Feds can well afford to pay – to delay.

Meanwhile, COMER is still far short of what is needed to pay the costs of the upcoming hearing. Please help in any way you can to donate or to encourage others to donate to the cause. Cheques may be made out to: COMER. Please note on the memo line: BoC Lawsuit.

Mail to:  Ann Emmett,  83 Oakwood Avenue,  Toronto,  Ontario,  M6H 2V9

As we are now nearing the possibility of at last getting the COMER case to the Supreme Court, COMER’s executive is also looking into the option of enlisting the help of a professional fund raiser.

What else we can do now to support this Action?

  1. Make plans to attend the COMER Court Case Hearing on December 7th.
  2. Encourage as many people to attend as you can – even if they are able simply to drop by for some of the time – demonstrating an interest in the proceedings will be a valuable contribution. Let us make it clear that there is substantial public interest in this lawsuit and 5th court hearing.
  3. Contact the media and inform them that this 5th Hearing is taking place and tell them exactly where and when.

Note:  Should the media request an interview, please refer them directly to Rocco Galati. (We are not competent to discuss the Case or Hearing for it is not about the substance of our suit per se.  This Hearing is about our right to take our lawsuit to court.  The argument will be about the law and legal precedent.)

COMER’s lawsuit has done much to raise public awareness and to stimulate a keen interest in the monetary reform issue. COMER has been much encouraged by the growing interest among Canadians and from around the world, and the many warm messages of thanks that often include the words hope and inspiration.

There is just no way we can let good people down.  See you there! Remember to circulate this message widely.

Ann Emmett, Chair, Committee On Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER).

Email:  Ann Emmett c/o COMER <>