Canadian Action Party
for Tomorrow's Canada
FOCUS 2016
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The Canadian Action Party

The Canadian Action Party ("CAP") had its inception in 1997, and remains a strong advocate regarding political and social issues of interest to the Canadian People.

The focal concerns of the Party involve issues of the future of education, finance, environment, natural resources, and health of the Canadian people.

Pillars of the Action Party

The Canadian Action Party ("CAP") has its primary focus upon these national concerns ...

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Be Informed of the Key Issues

The Canadian Action Party ("CAP") is an advocate regarding these political and social issues ...

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Support the
Action Party

The Canadian Action Party ("CAP") is always recruiting volunteers to help out with a ...

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Elections Canada Declarations

Elections Canada requires us to send in 250 Statutory Declarations this spring to maintain our party registration. Without your help, we cannot continue our work. Please follow the instructions below to complete the form.

  1. Download the  form here.
  2. Fill out Type 2 in Section N. Remember to write your birth date at the bottom.
  3. FIll out the fields found in Section O.
  4. Mail completed declaration to the address below.

Canadian Action Party
788 Mabel Lake Road
Lumby BC V0E 2G5

Thank you for your continued support of the Canadian Action Party.