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“What is physically possible, desirable and morally right, we can make it financially possible through the Bank of Canada.”

We are a Party of Proud Canadians  living in a nation of amazing multicultural diversity called Canada – “The true north strong and free,” where we believe prosperity is all about having a fair playing field for all Canadians.

The Canadian Action Party (CAP) had its inception in 1997, and remains a strong advocate for our 5 excellent Pillars  that are paramount if we are to maintain our sovereignty for the best interest of all Canadians.

Canadian Action Party Main Pillars

Parliamentary Reform – A  democracy requires that the people have a say in their government at all times. CAP will instate a recall mechanism so that any errant government or politician may be recalled to election by a simple petition of significant signatures.

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Monetary Reform – Government is paying billions in interest every year to private financial institutions when they could be borrowing from The Bank of Canada virtually interest free. We continue to advocate that government reinstate the use of the Bank of Canada to put an end this needless government debt spiral now over $ 1 trillion.

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Environment – Our Air Land and water and ultimately our health are at risk. We need  complete oversight of environmental pollution. We are falling behind the rest of the world in going towards a green economy. The Canadian Action Party will continue to address the misuse of our environment which puts corporate profits over the health of all Canadians.

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Civil Rights – Our Privacy and Free speech is being eroded every day. We are being secretly spied upon and over-regulated. People are forced into the courts to fight unjust laws. Our Justice system will be overhauled to ensure strict adherence to the charter of rights and freedoms which protects all Canadians.

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Sovereignty – Is the control of our money and laws and their attached regulations. When we allow powerful corporations to influence our government legislation in their favour through investment agreements disguised as Free Trade contracts and allow them to privatize the Canadian commons, then sovereignty is being given away. We will renegotiate all “free trade” agreements to make sure Canadians have full control of our own destiny.

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The governments of today are wasteful,  incompetent and unaccountable. We aim to do something about that. If you agree with us and our pillars we encourage you to join us.


The Canadian Action Party is always happy to have new volunteers to help us continue and expand our work.

Our National federal Government debt is over $1 Trillion:
Note:  Nationaldebtclocks.org  does not include Provincial and other debt.